How to transfer a vehicle title in New Hampshire

Change vehicle ownership in this state without hassles

What you need to know about how to transfer a vehicle title in New Hampshire:

  • When you change vehicle ownership with a private party, a New Hampshire title shall be signed over to the buyer at the time of the sale unless that vehicle is title exempt.
  • For title exempt vehicles, the seller must provide a properly executed Bill of Sale along with either a current or expired New Hampshire certificate of registration or a valid NH or out-of-state certificate of Title.
  • The buyer shall apply for a new Title in his or her name at the town/city clerk's office and register the vehicle.
  • Registration and title fees will apply.
  •  A VIN verification may be required when you transfer a vehicle title.

Registering your vehicle in New Hampshire has never been easier

Get everything you need—fully completed—before you step foot inside of your local department of motor vehicles, including:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Estimated tax calculation for the vehicle purchased
  • State forms completed with data provided
  • Fully customized for the state of New Hampshire and your unique situation

This service is designed to get you in and out of your motor vehicles department with everything you need to make title transfer and vehicle registration as seamless as possible.

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