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This service will help you with the documents needed to transfer vehicle ownership of a private sale vehicle purchase. Receive a customized report specific to your state and vehicle. We'll populate the forms with the details you’ve provided, and put everything together for you in one place. Learn More

A private sale is a great way to buy or sell a vehicle and get the best deal possible. But volumes of title and registration forms, multiple trips to the department of motor vehicles, and complicated state-specific rules can be overwhelming.

One of the most critical elements of an easy title transfer is the preparation of paperwork in order to properly document the transaction (such as completing a proper Bill of Sale, transferring the title documents and completing required inspections/emissions). To facilitate this process, the Buyer should ensure any paperwork requiring the Seller’s signature is completed before funds are given to the Seller. Once the Seller is paid, they may not have any motivation to help in the process.

Since the new title is issued in the Buyer’s name, the Buyer is the one responsible to ensure the title and transfer is completed and tax is paid on the transaction (if applicable). The Buyer’s address (State, County and City) is the governing jurisdiction for rules and taxes that apply in title transfers. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs)are usually willing to help with the actual DMV applications for Title Transfer, but before they can help with the application, the DMV must have the supporting documentation, signed properly and inclusive of the necessary details.

We can help with all of this hassle with a customized report specific to each buyer's state and vehicle. The service will populate the forms with the data you provided and collect everything together in one report. Just one set of forms to print, one report to sign and you are ready for your trip to the department of motor vehicles.

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Let us help you save time and effort by providing you with:

  • Personalized Bill Of Sale
  • Current State Title Information*
  • Estimated Tax Calculation
  • State Specific Registration Application
  • Detailed Check List explaining requirements by your state to properly title and register your vehicle
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* Title check not available in Oregon, Kansas, Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois & Washington DC. Title check does not provide a full vehicle history and information report.

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The title and transfer document services team will help you with motor vehicle requirements in all 50 states. We can provide the materials you need to get your vehicle registered in your state.

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